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German fashion is synonymous with Jil Sander, Wolfgang Joop and Karl Lagerfeld – this is what the international fashion world long believed about German couture. ICON magazine asks acknowledged fashion experts about iconic brands made in Germany. 

Henning Korb, CEO @ APROPOS, a high end luxury fashion retailer in Cologne, on design made in Germany:

„In terms of iconic fashion brands I think of France first – Maisons that have been famed for decades and are still prosperous today. I find it quite hard, to think of any of the German brands as iconic. With German knit it’s a different story. Think of Allude, Iris von Arnim or Antonia Zander – they are real icons in their own field, with years of expertise and international prestige. Munich Cashmere designer Antonia Zander inherited the business from her Mother Elke, who founded the brand back in 1980. Her most iconic piece? Very probably the ‚Triangolo‘, her triangular knit wrap with leather fringes, created from softest Cashmere yarn.“

We appreciate Henning Korb thinking of our Cashmere designs as iconic! 

The Antonia Zander Cashmere Triangolo & the reversible Triangolo Double – our signature statement pieces since 10+ years. Ultra soft, unique and customizable with our Ponchigurator.



Press clipping: Icon Magazine