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The Classic Triangolo

Our Triangolo Camoscio is our statement piece for any occasion! Whether thrown loosely over your shoulders with a summer silk dress or wrapped around your neck on cold winter days – the delicate knitted cashmere makes any outfit feel luxuriously cozy. The leather fringes add a certain coolness factor to any outfit. And the best part is, there are endless color combinations!

Delivery time:

It takes 4 -6 weeks to craft your individual Triangolo Double in Italy


Please note that no returns or exchanges can be accepted if the merchandise was custom produced!


100% Cashmere
100% Mindfully knitted in Italy
Fringes: 100% kid skin


  • onesize
  • 2 ply
  • size ca. 190 x 87 cm
  • fringes ca. 16 cm


Antonia Zander is an ode to mindful luxury. Since our beginnings some decades ago, it has been the company ethics – and practice – to worship the finest in yarns and fabrics – that cause the least damage to this planet. This wouldn’t be possible without our longstanding partners, all pulling together. With a shared mission: the highest standards of workers’ & animals’ rights, safety and environmental protection. You’re welcome anytime to ask us anything about the manufacturing process and the elements we use.