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Cashmere Care

Our cashmere garments are mindfully made of the finest natural materials. Following the care instructions on the fabric label and choosing a trusted high end dry cleaner for your luxury items ensures respectful maintenance and long-lasting enjoyment.


To retain its awesome quality for a long time, cashmere requires some mindful care. Cashmere loves water! We recommend washing your coveted pieces regularly on a gentle cycle such as wool or delicate (max. 30°C), using a nourishing detergent and no fabric softener. Do not wash more than three garments at a time. To dry, lay the wet cashmere on a towel on a flat surface. Don’t wring it out– this can cause the fibers to stretch. Iron at low temperature.


Cashmere is highly prone to pilling, but it is subject to the way it is used as well as how it is made. We aim to reduce it to an absolute minimum by using extra long fibers. If pilling occurs, washing and ironing will help to ease the fibers. If necessary, pills can be easily removed using a cashmere comb.